Magic City Hippies

Now a days it seems like most of my music discovers come from one of my good friend Karle.  Now unlike her when I like a band, I do my research and look at the rest of their songs.  Just to see if their really worth my time.  I absolutely hate just having one song from a band or musician in my playlist.  So as I listening to more tracks by Magic City Hippies I instantly fell in love.

Magic City Hippies or the band formerly know as The Robby Hunter band is a self proclaimed “indie-funk” band based out of Miami, Florida.  They have been active for about five years and have been blessing the world with their wonderful indie funk sound.  magic city hippies -epThe song that first captured me, along with millions of other people is their single, “Hard On Me”.  Which you can listen to here.  Their style of music is a classic mix of indie music with a funking retro feel with tastefully slashes of hip-hop influence.  Unlike most bands today their music is not just about one general topic, like love, but talks about a variety of different life experiences.  Which is something I look for in a lot of bands.

magic 3

After recently dropping their EP – “Hippie Castle”, I knew they were the band for me.  My review on “Hippie Castle” is an absolute ten out of ten!  This EP captures all of the band’s strong points, mixing a variety a sharp lyrics and great instrumentals.  I encourage you all to check them out.  The summers over, but that doesn’t mean that the good music has to end.

Favorite Songs:


Bull Ride

Hope you all the Magic City Hippies as much as I do!


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For more information visit their website: here.


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