The Weekly Wrap: Travel!

This week has been a little crazy!  School has started and I had to help my friend move in, so things have been a little hectic.  And I have so many things to plan and work out before I really dive into the school year.  Starting with my Fashion Club.  I run a fashion club at my high school which is sponsored by FIDM a fashion college in California. I am really excited about fashion club this year I have so much for my fashion club kids.  I’m planning on taking them to Columbus Fashion Week and taking multiple field trips.

But the really exciting thing happening this year for me is all the upcoming traveling I’m doing.  All of my closest friends are starting their freshman years in college.  And my best friend is going to school in Florida, so for spring break I’ll be visiting her along with my other best friend.  This is actually really exciting because this will be my first “road trip” with out my parents.  And my first college spring break experience.  Then this summer before college starts I’M GOING TO EUROPE!  EUROPE! EUROPE!  With on of my friends I used to work with.  From my former Weekly Wrap I had mentioned that I wanted to travel abroad before I go off to school.  And now I’m finally doing it.

Hence the beautiful Weekly Wrap cover art:


I always try to tie in the cover art into the post somehow and instead of doing a city backdrop I decided an iguana would be for playful.   This little guy symbolizes all the new lives and experiences I see this year.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful life!


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