Playlist: #04

This particular playlist took extra long to create.  The past week I have been scrounging the world wide web looking for new music, and I have found it!  Which is really great but also really hard to decide which song’s I’ll be featuring on the upcoming playlist and weather or not these songs mesh well together.  I’m really proud of this playlist, all the longs flow really well together and evict a certain emotion when the playlist is played begging to end.  Most of the music on my playlist usually follow a certain theme, this one is very mellow.  Almost calming, I love music that relaxes you and makes you think.  So this playlist, titled, “lost” is a collection of relaxing music that will calm your soul.

playlist- #04


  1. “Good Boy” – Sample Answer
  2. “Headcase” – Daywave
  3. “Seventeen” – sjowgren
  4. “It’s Not Real” – Hazel English
  5. “Lost My Mind” – Little Wolves
  6. “Never the Same” – Samuel Proffitt featuring Khai
  7. “Night Drive” – Mount Dreams
  8. “Limestone” – Magic City Hippies
  9. “Stay Gold” – HUSBANDS
  10. “Fill Your Brains” – Harrison Brome


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