Hippo Campus

I think I have found the Holy Grail of up and coming indie pop bands: Hippo Campus.  It usually takes me a few months to really get into a band and fall in love with their music.  But that was NOT the case with Hippo Campus.  Their music is so fun and uplifting, it immediately made me smile.

hippo campus

Band Members: (In random order.) Jake Luppen, Nathan Stocker, Zach Sutton and Whistler Allen

Hippo Campus is a self proclaimed, “kinda pop” band (according to their Facebook page) based out of Woodbury, Minnesota.  Hippo Campus has been together for two years and has been making great music ever since.  I love all the songs by Hippo Campus, but one of my favorite’s is their new single, “Souls”.

Souls by Hippo Campus

hippo campus

Check them out:

Website: here.

Facebook: here.

Soundcloud: here.

Instagram: here.

YouTube: here.

hippo campus

Favorite Thing :What makes Hippo Campus an amazing band is that their well rounded.  Not only do they have a strong lead vocalist but great instrumentals and even better lyrics.  

Also, some exciting news for all you new and old Hippo Campus fans is that their going on tour!  And even better news for me, their coming to Ohio!

Tour Dates:

hippo campus

For more music visit my soundcloud: here.


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