Color Palette

It’s been awhile.  For lack of better words this is a hello, a welcome back if you will.  I took some time off, and it was much needed.  But believe me when I say that was the last time I will take time off from blogging.

While I was on hiatus I turned to music.  And I found a boat load of bands that I easily fell in love with, and hope you will as well.  So to get the ball rolling, I bring to you Color Palette.

Color Palette Promo 1 V1 WEB NO WM

Seventeen – Color Palette

Being on hiatus I had time to think and really explore some new music.  When I first heard Seventeen by Color Palette I instantly felt nostalgic while listening to it. Which is some of favorite feelings to get when listening to music.  Actually a majority of their songs brought along that feeling for me.  I think this is something really rare to find a band today that can really make you feel something, or get an instant connection with their music.

Lucky for us, I found Color Palette.

Another favorite: Come Back Home 

xx Erin.

-It’s good to be back.


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