The Six

Hello all,

At the start of this year, six days ago I promised myself I would blog everyday.  Well that’s just not going to happen, but that’s okay I shoot for most days instead.  Anyways, I recently treated myself to Apple Music which is pretty much Pandora on drugs and I am in love.  I don’t have to tell you all how amazing this app is, but I will tell you that I have found so much music.  More than I’ve found on Soundcloud, and that’s saying something.  Because I found so much music I narrowed it down to six songs I’ve already fallen in love with.

The Six:

(01.) The Names – BAIO

(02.) Let Me Down Easy – Mas Frost

(03.) Pedestrian at Best – Courtney Barnett

(04.) Oh Cecilia – Born Ruffians

(05.) Moonrise – Zimmer

xx Erin.


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