‘Matter’ – St. Lucia

The latest album by St. Lucia, Matter is the first I’ve heard from the Brooklyn singer Jean-Philip Grobler.  After hearing this album, I wish I would have found him sooner.  Matter is the perfect combination of alternative rock and indie electronic mixed together.  As a whole the album is strong, well written and produced.  However, the one song in particular that stood out to me was track seven, Love Somebody.

The first beat of Love Somebody instantly draws you in, and the smooth melody transitions perfectly into the vocals.  Add that with a catchy hook and chorus, you have a number one hit.  The pick up at the end and the instrumental at the end are my favorite song of the song though, it ties together all the emotions in the song and ends the song on a high note.  Having tried my best, words cannot do this song justice so have a listen:

I won’t go through every track on the album, but I will point out a few of my favorites.

Track One: Do YouRemember  

The first song to an album is in my opinion the most important.  This song is most likely the first song people listen to after first initially hearing about the album. Do You  Remember is upbeat and has nice undertones of inspiration from the music from the 80s, which continues to repeate itself in the rest of the album.

Track Six: Winds of Change

Now this song truly sounds like a hit from the 1980s.  The 80s dance best immediately makes you want to wake up and dance.

Another favorite: Home


Band Rate: 8
St. Lucia is a band I see taking off in the near future. They have a unique sound and lyrics with a purpose that will easily attract fans.

xx. Erin.


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