Station (2014) Låpsley

Station (2014) – Låpsley

This song is beautiful and conveys emotion perfectly!  My favorite thing about this song is the hand clapping that begins around 1:34.  This is my favorite things when it comes to instrumentals.  The hand clapping adds an authentic and for lack of a better word organic feel to song.  It gives off the impression that the artist is not trying to hard to impress us but is truly concerned with the music.

The harmonies between the two singers is absolutely amazing!  Listening to Station evokes a feeling of euphoria, it draws you in and really makes you want to listen.

I’ve been a little lost in my own world and problems recently and haven’t blogged as much as I would like.  But this song was like the kick in the pants of inspiration that I needed to get my on the horse, or the internet in this case.

Hope your all finding what inspires you.

xx. Erin



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