After a dramatically long hiatus, a playlist is past due in my opinion.  “Félicité” means happiness in French, and I choose this name because happiness is something I am currently searching for.  Something I believe that we’re all searching for in a way.  Music for me has helped guide me through this journey.  With all the stress of my life right now, finishing my senior year, deciding on what school to attend in the fall, finding out who I am.  This has all been extremely stressful for me and a little overwhelming, music has been my only escape.  From my oasis to yours, F É L I C I T É.




  1. Too Close – Alex Clare (White Cliffs Remix)
  2. Two Feet Off The Ground – Sara Hartman
  3. Nowhere Man – Bryce Vine
  4. Sidelines – Blackbeard & 4e
  5. Work – Rihanna (DJDS Remix)
  6. Pathetic – Krik Hassle (Vince Staples Remix)
  7. Waiting – Seramic
  8. Drive – Rawsmoov featuring Cadence
  9. Catching Feelings – Boogie featuring Tink
  10. Comfortable – White Cliffs

*Genre: R&B

So with all my playlist there is an underlying theme or style that ties all the songs together.  All the music on this playlist is all has very strong instrumentals.  Which is something that is a little different for my taste of music.  Usually I don’t go for upbeat music that rises throughout the entire song.  All the songs and bands on F É L I C I T É are in my opinion are extremely well done, but a group that stands out to me particularly is White Cliffs.  

Hope to be hearing more from them soon. 😉 Enjoy the playlist and stay positive.

xx Erin.


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