Peanut Butter #12

Playlist Twelve: Peanut Butter

I haven’t made a playlist in a long time, needless to say this is long over due.  I love music, so a spend a far amount of time reading music blogs.  One of my favorite things other music bloggers do is post playlist of their favorite songs.

So here are some of my favorite songs this week featuring some of my new favorite artist.  Hope you all enjoy Peanut Butter, and keep a look out for more playlist every Friday.

P E A N U T   B U T T E R


  1. Answer by Connie Constance
  2. S P A C E by Amber Mark
  3. Maybe IDK by Jon Bellion
  4. Monsoon by Amber Mark featuring Mia Mark
  5. Move by Pacific Air Movement
  6. Set The Fire by Swimming Tapes
  7. Club Fragile by Dog Orchestra featuring Lune
  8. Lost by Owen
  9. Deep Inside by Lizbet Sempa
  10. Rush by Starrah


xx. Erin



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