Connie Constance



Connie Rose Constance | Age: 21 | Origin: London | Genre: Electronic

Connie Constance, a Soundcloud sensation is best known for her single Stars.  I first stumbled across Constance when looking for new music and found her Art playlist on her page.  In addition to being a talented singer/ songwriter Constance also has amazing taste in music and often shares some of her favorite songs on Soundcloud.

Art – Playlist by Connie Constance

After hearing her playlist and listening to it repeatedly I was dying to find out if she herself had her own music.  And then I found Stars.  This song is incredibly raw and takes you on a journey through an eventful night.  The vocals on this track are absolutely beautiful and draw you in.  Listening to Stars is an experience, for a little over three minutes you are taken on a trip among the Stars.

Stars – Connie Constance (Official Video)

Constance has released an EP of September of 2015, In The Grass featuring her hit single Stars and her latest and possibly my favorite track, Answer.  Her music is described as Electronic but you can hear her influences of the Soul and Jazz influences.


Find Connie Constance


The lowkey and chill vibes from her music is what sets her apart from most of the new and upcoming artist.  Her sound is something I’ve never come across before and hope to hear more of.

Hope you enjoyed this Featured Artist Connie Constance.

Answer – Connie Constance

xx. Erin



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