Harrison Brome


harrison brome 2

Harrison Brome | Age: 20 | Origin: Canada | Genre: Alternative

As I do with a majority of the music I find it all started on Soundcloud.  About a year ago Harrison Brome released his single, Fill Your Brains and I was hooked.  Harrison has been quite lately on Soundcloud but ten minutes ago, he collectively put together five of his released singles making the playlist titled, Fill Your Brains and it’s amazing!

My favorite song in this playlist is easily , Midnight Island. 

Fill Your Brains

  1. Fill Your Brains
  2. Midnight Island
  3. Pools
  4. Gambling Hearts
  5. Sex Calls

harrison brome 3

Find Harrison Brome

Harrison Brome is an artist to watch, his music is not only catchy but entertaining and distinctive.   He also has a well developed sound that is highly addictive. I actually enjoyed all the songs on this EP, and nine times out of ten that does not happen with artist and their Ep’s.  I hope you all enjoy his music.  I’ll leave you with the music video of my favorite song by Harrison Brome.

Midnight Island – Harrison Brome

xx. Erin



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