Fall // 2016


In these past couple months there has been much change in my life.  Moving to New York, starting school and working on my blog.  It’s all been a lot and very stressful.  But this move had been great for me and I’ve grown a lot as a person.  Which is partially why I decided to change my blog from Wild Captivity to The Refined Cactus.  I wanted my blog to not only be about me but a more personal experience between me and my readers.  Music is a great thing that can unite a large group of people.  It’s a very intimate experience that is meant to be shared any explored with a variety of people.  The Refined Cactus is my take on this theory, putting a more personal spin on the music I listen to.  Expect more pictures, laughs and stories.  I hope you guys enjoy this and find some songs you love along the way.

This playlist Fall // 2016 is a small group of seven songs that I’ve loved during this transition.  They all have the same personal garage rock sound to them, the nostalgic high school summer vibe.  These songs are perfect for the summer to fall transition, they have an upbeat quality of the welcome week parties with the chill cool quality of the fall.

FALL // 2016

  1. Kids – Current Joys

  2. The Bay – Franky Flowers

  3.  Daydream – Fever Blanket

  4. Special Glands – Navy Gangs

  5. Fire Walk with Me – Surf Cruse

  6. Come a Little Closer – Coats

  7. Downhearted – Molly Burch

*Song Title – Artist

xx. Erin

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