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Life is hard.  With all these changes that are occurring it is very easy to feel overwhelmed and pressured to adjust to everything quickly.  For example, this blog has been on my mind these past few days and I have been hard pressed to find something “interesting” to post, sometimes I forget why I even started this blog in the first place.  Then I remember it is to share the music of my life, the songs and artist that inspire me.

The song ‘Human by Jon Bellion’ from his album ‘The Definition’ has been a huge comfort for me in this time of transition.  The lyrics are incredibly honest, and very relatable.

I always fear that I'm not living right
So I feel guilty when I go to church
The pastor tells me I've been saved, I'm fine
Then please explain to me why my chest still hurts

Granted, I haven’t been to church in a long time, I still understand that feeling of not living up to family expectations and constantly wondering what I’m doing with my time.

My mother calls I have no time to talk
But I can find the time to drink and smoke

Being here at school and living in New York has been amazing, I feel so blessed to even have this opportunity.  But I find that in the past two weeks that I’ve been here I have become increasingly more self-centered.  And that is saying a lot considering I am an only child.  My parents will call me everyday and I never seem to have time to talk, but I always have time to avoid my homework and make plans with friends.

In the midst of all this chaos, I turn to this song.  On days like today when I’m trying to find inspiration or even when I am simply feeling overwhelmed.

Human – Jon Bellion

I hope this song does for you, what it has done for me.

xx. Erin

*This is a video of the acoustic version, which is beautiful but if you want to hear the original version I will link it here.
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