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Featured Artist: No Vacation

The indie rock music scene has just gotten a whole lot better with No Vacation.  No Vacation is an indie rock band based out of San Francisco, California.  The band originally started as a dorm project between Sabrina and Basil at the University of San Francisco, eventually Marisa, Nat and Harrison were added to the live band, rounding out No Vacation making them a band we know and love.

My first experience with No Vacation was their song ‘August’ which is released on their ‘Amo Xo'(2015) album.  Being that it was my first experience listening to No Vacation I was not expecting to have a nostalgic experience listening to them.  Around that time school was just starting up and I was desperately missing the lazy days of summer, so when I heard I heard ‘August’ it was like they understand the struggle.


Needless to say after hearing ‘August’ and falling in love with the song I had to hear more!  And then I heard ‘Beach Bummer’, their most popular song I knew No Vacation was something special.  The album ‘Amo XO’ is incredibly well done and invokes a warm cozy feeling when you listen to it.

Beach Bummer

In addition to ‘Amo XO’ No Vacation has also released their ‘Summer Break Mixtape'(2015).  I’m excited to see where this band goes in the future, and I’ll hopefully be able to catch them in concert in the near future.

Summer Break Mixtape

I hope you all enjoy,

xx. Erin

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One thought on “No Vacation

  1. I love your reviews. You always review music in such a way that I want to listen to these bands and I have listened based on your review. Thanks for expanding my music library.

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