Boyish – Hippo Campus

Boyish – Hippo Campus


The new single “Boyish” by Hippo Campus from their soon to be released album “Landmark” (February 24, 2016), is disappointing to say the least.   Coming from a big fan of Hippo Campus, I had high hopes for this single, thinking it would be a new song from one of my favorite bands with their signature sound.  It was not.  “Boyish” sounds like a sad attempt at an alternative pop chart topper.  This leaves me nervous to see what their album will be like, weather we will be left pleasantly surprised or downright disappointed.  The video screams wanna pop stars, with an uncohesive story line and the boys riding around on bicycles.  With the classically overdone fight scene, this video makes me want to gag.

Even though I am disspointed with this single, I have high hopes for their album.

xx. Erin

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