Review: Heartworms – The Shins

Heartworms – The Shins 

Overall Rating: 8.5 out of 10


The American indie rock band, The Shins has been making music since 1996.  Formed in Albuquerque, New Mexico The Shins have released five studio albums.  The Shins have captured the hearts of many over the years with their poetic lyrics and distinctive synth-pop instrumentals, making their music nostalgic and warm.   The Shins gained mainstream success with their fourth studio album Wincing the Night Away (2007) released on Sub Pop Records.  Currently the band is signed to Columbia Records where they released their fifth and latest album, Heartworms  on March 10, 2017.  


Nothing can compare to the amazing success of Wincing the Night Away, but Heartworms is close in comparison.  Keeping with the integrity of the their sound Heartworms is a shot in the heart of indie pop that was desperately needed.  


The title track ‘Heartworms’ is catchy and fun, and easily a hit.  Talking about the woes of dating and heartbreak, being infatuated with someone who does not feel the same.  The track voices the stress of calling that person, and getting no answer questions of the feelings of not feeling good enough.

Well I guess I'm just here to test your patience
Cause you're so smart my tricks don't work at all
Is it my lack of education? Just tell me why
You never call

 Considering Heartworms vaguely sounds like a compilation of all their albums put together, with large influences from the 2001 album Oh Inverted World.  With bands that have been around as long as The Shins it’s often common that fans like their older albums sound better.  The albums The Shins made in their early days are something that can never be recreated, however even though Heartworms has it’s vague similarities to the band’s earlier albums it still stands alone.

Personal Favorites: ‘So Now What’, ‘The Fear’ & ‘Name for You’

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