My Record Collection

My Record Collection: A Photo Diary of All My Favorite Records


For a long time I have been itching to take pictures of my record collection.  When I first moved to New York, my record collection consisted of about five records.  Three of which were from The Shins.  Now, after living here for a little under a year I am proud at how my record collection has grown, along with my taste in music.

This shoot was really fun, and something I’ve never actually done on this platform. The shoot was shot in my dorm, and I just put on a few records and danced around.  To start off the shoot, I played an album that has been on my mind since it’s initial release.  The Far Field by Future Islands.


The Far Field - Future Islands

Future Islands has been a long time favorite band for me, they don’t have an album that I don’t like.  If you haven’t already listened to The Far Field I highly recommend it, the lead singer Samuel T. Herring recently broke up with his girlfriend and it is pretty evident in this album.  Personally, I like sad and emotional songs.  Listening to The Far Field is like taking a long night drive, or walk depending on where you live and just reflecting on life.  Weather that be a long term relationship you just got out of, or maybe you’re just making a transition in your life, The Far Field is easy to relate too and captivating.

But, this is a not a review of The Far Field, but a showcase of record collection.  I went a little over board with with photo’s so bare with me.  Also, not all of my records are included in the pictures (I went record shopping the day after this shoot) but I will add a complete list of my collection at the end of this post.

And it begins:



Pictures Courtesy of Jazmin Noel, you can find her: here

Thanks for reading, I hope you all enjoyed.  This is a different style post for me, so I hope it translated well because it was really fun to make.


Complete List of my Vinyl:
Soundtracks: La La Land & The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Future Islands: Singles & The Far Field
Hippo Campus: Bashful Creatures, South & Landmark 
The Shins: Part of Marrow, Oh Inverted World & Wincing the Night Away 
Fun: Aim & Ignite
My Morning Jacket: The Waterfall 
Børns: Dopamine 
Hozier: Hozier 
El Vy: Return to the Moon
Sorority Nosie: You’re Not As ____ As You Think
Car Seat Headrest: Teens of Style & Teens of Denial 
Florence & the Machine: Ceremonials 
Foster the People: Supermodel 
Lo-Fang: Blue Film 
Beirut: NO NO NO
Typhoon: White Lighter 
Sonic Youth: Daydream Nation
Phoenix: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix

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