Covert Run

Featured Artist: Covert Run


Normally, I hate when I get a song stuck in my head, but when it’s a gem like, “Floating” by Cover Run then I don’t mind at all.  In the first few seconds of “Floating”, I was instantly hooked. This song is so chill that you don’t want to to turn it off.  I love the electronic pop beat that plays throughout the song.

The Bedroom pop genre, is in my opinion a really cool genre of music that can be hard to properly execute, however this is not a problem for Covert Run. Covert Run has another song out that is also really good, “Daytrip” featuring Layantz which perfectly embodies the bedroom pop genre.

Covert Run is the new band to watch, hope you enjoy their music.  They have an album coming out next month and I look forward to hearing and reviewing it.  And, you can check out their music on Spotify and make sure to follow their Instagram.

xx, Erin

-And, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram & Spotify.

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