The Co Founder: Wye Album Review


Good music can be hard to find, having friends who have a good taste in music is even harder. Lucky for me, my friends have great taste in music (not better than mine of course) and are willing to share with me music from some of their favorite bands. A friend from school recommended to me the band The Co Founder.  I remember the first song I heard from them was “Tonight” off of their latest album Wye.  After the first listen I was hooked.  I replayed “Tonight” about 15 times before listening to the rest of the album.  No regrets, I never got tired of their song, “Tonight” and when I finally got around to listening to the rest of the album I was highly satisfied.

The Co Founder is a indie rock band from the Pacific Northwest.  They currently have two albums out now and their latest album, Wye is a well rounded album with a distinctive sound.  Meaning that these songs are songs you won’t forget, Wye reminds me of the Hippo Campus album, Landmark.  Like Landmark, their songs have a sense of nostalgia that is easy to relate to and fun to dance to.

Some of my favorite songs on the album are, “Tonight” (obviously), “Either Way” and “Boreal”. The rest of the album is great as well but these three songs stuck out to me.  Check out more of their music on their Spotify.

The Co Founder has also released a single this year, “Phd”.  This is worth the listen.

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