Girl Power


There are so many great bands out there and a lot of them happen to be all men.  I was lucky enough to come across a few lovely ladies who’s music is just simply amazing.  So, here’s a few bands and singers that you should check out.

Karen O

Karen O

If she looks familiar it’s because Karen O is the front women for the band Yeah Yeah Yeah’s (another band I love).  She has a new single out this  year, “Living in a Trance” but the song that had me hooked is from her 2014 album Crush Songs, “Rapt”.

*And this album artwork is so cute!

Phoebe Green

Phoebe Green

Phoebe Green is a singer/songwriter from the United Kingdom who makes music that is so honest it’s heartbreaking yet charming.  Her song “Nosebleed” has a lyric that to me is almost the equivalent of baring your soul.  “He looks at me like I’m lovely and I’m petrified.”  Listen to her album 02:00 AM.

Sidney Gish

Sidney Gish

Okay, Sidney Gish is one of those artist you hear one of her songs and you are hooked.  You want to replay the first initial song you heard because it’s so good and then play the rest of the album.  Well, at least that is how it was for me.  I can’t say anything more about her besides listen to her music.  One of my favorite songs by her is “Midnight Jingle”  I love the intro and her soft vocals.  But, don’t take my word for it listen to her album Ed Buys Houses featuring “Midnight Jingle”.

“In every month there comes a day, I wish that I could go away to a universe

where I’m just as creative too, and every night my thoughts are new” -“Midnight Jingle”

Freedom Fry

Freedom Fry

And here’s one last song for good measure, Freedom Fry is a duo but for this song the lead singer is a female and she is killing it!  I heard this song at work and it made the four long hours I was there working worth it.

“Oh, well bless my soul.  Living and loving and rock & rock, like a wild child.”

xx. Erin

Hope you guys enjoy these ladies and tell your friends all about them.

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