TV Girl

Current Obsession: TV Girl

TV Girl Banner

It's not often that you find a band and instantly fall in love with them.  You become border line obsessed with their music and it's all you listen to for two weeks straight.  Well, that is what happened to me when I initially heard "Pantyhose" by the epic band TV Girl.  I was hooked, I listened to that song repeatedly, and when I moved on to their other music I was even more impressed.
The band describes themselves as, "you can sing along to, but wouldn't sing around your parents".  A valid description at that.  Their music hooks you, it's catchy, original and fun.  Their music is good enough to surpass generations and not just good for the moment.  I like to think of it as music you'll show you kids one day.  And music you'll make memories to today.
Both of their albums are great, so check them out.  And if you're luck enough to see them live.. DO IT!

TV Girl Who Really Cares

Favorite Songs:
  • Taking What's Not Yours
  • Safeword
  • Cigarettes out the Window

TV Girl French Exit

Favorite Songs:
  • Pantyhose
  • Hate Yourself
  • Birds Don't Sing
  • Her and Her Friend
**Also, their albums covers are freaking dope!  Just another reason to love TV Girl.

xx, Erin

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