Here Comes A Regular


This past week has been crazy, honestly this past couple months have been hectic for me.  Coming back from Paris this summer I went straight back into working and haven't stopped until I moved back to the city.


This summer my music taste has grown and expanded to more genres and artist.  Lately, I've been on a throw back to the 80's and early 2000's.  Something about those two era's is where music seemed to flourish.  But I also think that it's always nice to have something nostalgic to hold onto when a lot of change is happening in your life.
First 1
“Bros” – Wolf Alice | This song and band are new to me, but I new favorite.  Expect to see more of them soon.
After this week my first week of my second year of university will be over.  A lot of changes are happening for me this year and it is so easy to get lost in all of the newness and trying to keep up.  When this happens I like to go back to the music that made me feel something for the first time.  "Here Comes A Regular" is my sad anthem, or more like my everyday anthem.  This song reminds me of times of growth and change, when you're new and just trying to find a place to belong.  No surprise I always find my place withing the music.  No matter how much things change, they always seem to remain the same.
First 3
I used to intern at and Independent Alternative Radio Station, I love it!  I can’t seem to let them go, hence the shirt and the three pictures of the same shirt.
This week it was like I played the same few songs on repeat.  It was though I could not get enough of them.  My week was mostly filled with classes I was not interested in and stressing about when I am going to work next.  Which is why Cornershop has been my go to band.  Their music is something I turn on and my mind shuts off, it's just "feel good" music in my opinion.  Their album Handcream for a Generation is stunning and perfect for those long train from deep in Brooklyn.  I was in Brooklyn more than I would have liked this past week, but it gave me ample time to listen to my music.  Which is always a plus in my book.


Over the summer my friend made me a beautiful playlist of all her favorite music and The Drums were on it.  My life has been changed forever, their coming to New York in November and I'm preparing for the concert by listening to their music almost nonstop.  I tend to gravitate to sad music but sometimes it's nice to just listen to some chill indie pop.  (Enter The Drums, their amazing!)

Abysmal Thoughts

This is a different type of post for me, but I'm in the process of taking my blog in a completely different direction.  I will still feature artist, do album reviews and make playlist.  But I will also share posts like this where you get a small glimpse into my life, and all the music I listen to from day to day.  Looking back on this week it was a lot of emotions and experiences.  Which explains the wide range on this playlist, but this is what I listened to this week and I hope you enjoy it and can relate to the music as much as I do.


**Thank you Jaz for being lovely and taking pictures for me.

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