d a z e d

d a z e d


*artist featured in d a z e d

yellow days

y e l l o w   d a y s – Haslemere, England

Latest Release: Is Everything Okay In Your World?

summer salt

s u m m e r   s a l t – Austin, Texas

Latest Release: Favorite Holiday

joy again

j o y    a g a i n – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Latest Release: Kim


s l o w d i v e – Reading, Berkshire, England

Latest Release: Slowdive


w h i t n e y – Chicago, Illinois

Latest Release: You and Me (Demo)

car seat headrest

c a r   s e a t    h e a d r e s t – Leesburg, Virginia

Latest Release: War Is Coming (If You Want It)

current joys

c u r r e n t   j o y s – Nevada

Latest Release: Split

rex orange county

r e x    o r a n g e    c o u n t y – Haslemere, England

Latest Release: Loving Is Easy


o r c h e s t r a l   m a n o e u v r e s   i n  t h e   d a r k – Wirral, Merseyside

Latest Release: The Punishment of Luxury


s t e r e o l a b – London, England

Latest Release: Not Music 

jesus and mary chain

t h e   j e s u s   a n d   m a r y   c h a i n –  East Kilbride, Scotland

Latest Release: The Two of Us 

alex cameronn

a l e x   c a m e r o n – Sydney, Australia

Latest Release: Forced Witness

the drums

t h e  d r u m s – New York, New York

Latest Release: Abysmal Thoughts

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