2017 mini Recap

This past year has been interesting, I don't feel like I need to write to much about it.  But, I will say 2017 was a year of growth and clarity for me.  Here is a small recap of the music I listened to in 2017.


Very heavy towards the end of the year all I listening to was Ctrl.  I don't what it is about this album but I could not turn it off.  I learned all the words and proudly boasted some of her songs as my anthems.
 Garden (Say It Like Dat) “need you for the old me. need you for my sanity. need you to remind me where I come from. can you remind me of my gravity? ground me when I’m tumblin’, spiralin’, plummetin’ down to earth. you keep me down to earth.”

yellow days

Yellow Days is my favorite artist from 2017, I first heard his song, "Gap in the Clouds" and I fell in love with his voice.  It's so raspy and deep and full of soul of emotion.  Yellow Days has a way of making you feel like your right there with him, feeling everything he feels.
→ Weight of the World “eye to eye, with a goddamn sinner, turns out I’m looking in the mirror.  at least I’m not a child, wipe those tears from those eyes.”

art lord and the self portraits

Art Lord & The Self-Portraits, is the former project from Samuel T. Herring and his band mates before forming Future Islands.  I am board lined obsessed with Future Islands so o don't know why I just came across the Art Lord & The Self-Portraits until last year.  Regardless, I found them and I love their sound.  Their like a more rugged Future Islands, with a more grungy feel.
→ Atlas “even when he was a young gun they told him to watch himself, “don’t be such a ponky-headed rascal.” “don’t you want to earn your castle?”  he turns and looks away.  from behind closed doors we see, the rotten wealth–of a dying spirit breathe, and take onto himself the weight of the world and all its sympathy.”

rex orange county

The year would not be complete without a couple singles from Rex Orange County.  This guy is truly amazing, everything he releases I enjoy.  His singles "Loving Is Easy" and "Edition" from 2017, are some of my favorite songs from him.


Loving Is Easy “so loving is easy, you had me fucked up.  it used to be so hard to see, yeah loving is easy.  when everything’s perfect, please don’t change a single little thing for me.”


Last but not least, the music I was and still am most excited about, is the upcoming album from Typhoon, coming out January 12, 2018.  They have released a few singles from the album that have been absolutely amazing.  From the songs they releases it almost feels like a resurrection album, coming back with the story telling indie folk tracks.
→ Darker “I don’t wanna live with the kinds of trouble I keep finding myself in
something’s gotta give when the water keeps on rising and the walls are closing in”

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