Offerings • Typhoon

Offerings (2018) by Typhoon

Typoon Band

"the dual theme of what it means to be a person stripped of all memory and what happens to a world that loses all sense of history.  in a nutshell, neither outlook is good, though hope is offered here in small doses." - Kyle Morton, on Offerings 
Offerings is the fourth album releases from Typhoon, released January 12th, 2018.  This album is darker than previous releases, however it carries the threshold of  a hope that one will overcome various situations and difficult emotions; depression, loss, loneliness and regret.
I have been a listener of Typhoon for years and I have fallen in love with their way of storytelling.  The lead singer Kyle Morton has a way with words, making the stories he tells very visual, personal and intimate for the listener.  Offerings is divided into four parts:  "Floodplains," "Flood," "Reckoning," and "Afterparty," each helping bring together the story of the character losing his mind and different emotions that accompany the realization that their memory is leaving them in a world with a constant flow of information.
"We have all the information now, but what does it mean?"  Morton, sings in the song, "Rorschach", asking the question with all this information what do we do with it?  Do we remember anything or is all the information to much to keep track of?  This was my interpretation of the song, and some of the heightened themes of the album.  I find myself asking similar questions, with all this information where do you look?  And, with access to so much information why is it so easy for us to repeat mistakes from the past?
"We can all agree it's a mixed bag for the living full of sorrow, full of grief.  I ransacked the place for the single thought that could comfort me something small, something sweet," the opening verse from the song "Sleep".  This tack deals with the fear of pain and grief and finding it hard to focus on anything else, but if you can find one small precious memory it will be okay.  Offerings, is a beautifully constructed album with haunting vocals from Morton is more guitar centered than past Typhoon releases, it still offers the full chorus of voices from the eleven piece band.  The songs on Offerings deal with pain and other raw emotions we try to forget so beautifully making it hard not to relate in someway.
This album came together after 2300 words telling a story that needs to be heard.  I found it hard to listen to at first listen because it forces you to think.  Like the character the album follows, you find yourself wondering about your past memories and how much of this new information your actually retaining and how it influences you and your self image.


Rorschach: “The film in your brain—it edits to remember, keeps the figure in the frame”  
Offerings is an album that will be heard for years to come, telling a story that will always need to be retold.
Rating: 10 out of 10

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