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Concert Files: Gus Dapperton


gus dapperton


Last night at Rough Trade in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of seeing Gus Dapperton live in concert.  Originally, I was just going for my friend so she didn't have to go alone.  I had heard a few of Gus's song previously but was never really into it.  I didn't get the hype.  After the first song he preformed, I was hooked.  His stage presence is amazing and so fun to watch.
It was easy to tell from watching them that Gus Dapperton and his band were really close.  They all looked like they having so much just being there.  It was like they had invited us to an intimate concert in their living room.  Equipped with dancing, inside jokes and beautiful cover songs.
I may have not been a fan when I first got there, but when I left I had drank the purple kool-aid.  I haven't stopped listening to his music since.  I will definitely see him again, it was one of the better shows I've been to.  Every one was dancing and just having a good time.
If you ever get the chance to see Gus Dapperton live I encourange you to go!  And listen to his new EP, You Think You're a Comic!

You can see more pictures and videos on my Instagram.


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