Current Obsession: Nicotine’s Famous Honey

Nicotine’s Famous Honey

This week my job was hosting an event for Nationals Women's Day, equipped with free Milk Bar cookies and a DJ.  The DJ was amazing, she had me dancing the entire time I was there.  And thus, my first encounter with Nicotine's Famous Honey.  That event was on March 8th, and four days later I can not turn them off.


Nicotine's Famous Honey is comprised of three lovely humans; Nicotine is a singer/songwriter originally from Houston, TX currently living in Brooklyn.  The rest of Nicotine's Famous Honey is comprised of Ian Olney & Hunter Lewis from Herrick & Hooley.
Her voice and style are so soothing, each song sounds like a story we've all had but were never brave enough to share.  There is nothing I crave more than honesty, and Nicotine's Famous Honey brings a refreshing sincerity to her music.
Check out their album, An Open Letter (2017).

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