Last Night at Trans-Pecos



In my head this was supposed to be posted the day after I went to Trans-Pecos, but in reality I can never get things done on time.  My first night at Trans-Pecos will definitely not be my last.  It was a late show at Trans-Pecos, presented by Flatbox shows showcasing Bueno, Deli Girls and Juiceboxxx.  I had originally gone to see Juiceboxx again, but left being a fan of Deli Girls.
Juiceboxxx was amazing that night as well, I've seen him once before and knew I needed to go again.  His performance's are always high energy and very entertaining. Watching him preform, you can see the music take control of not just him but the crowd.  I found myself screaming along with him and the rest of the crowd.  I lost my voice that night screaming along to "Freaked out American Loser."
**I'm a freaked out American Loser.

Bueno was first and then Deli Girls did their set.  It was electric.  Deli Girls is an experimental electronic noise duo comprised of Danny Orlowski and Tommi Kelly.  When they preformed, Orlowski stands on the ground with the crowd surrounding her.  As Orlowski starts, the crowd grows more anxious and begins to mash and thrash about full of energy and rage.  It was absolute insanity, it was crazy and uncontrolled and everything I needed.
Sometimes I feel like it's hard to find spaces where you feel accepted and un-judged.  A space where you feel free to express yourself, and it's even harder to find artist who embody that.  That was the atmosphere at Trans-Pecos with Deli Girls.  That night I left sweating like a pig and feeling ten pounds lighter.

💥💥Go listen to Deli Girls:

**When the music started for "Indentured Pervert" you could feel the shift in the atmosphere.  The guy standing behind me whispered to someone else, "It's about to get crazy in here."  The energy was already high, but things were taken to another level it was like we were all in a trance. 
Find Deli Girls 

Find Juiceboxxx

Find Mee

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