My Time at Osheaga

If you follow me on Instagram, (which if you don't, you should) then you know that I went to OSHEAGA (!) This was my first proper festival and going into it, I was highly skeptical. I had no idea what to expect, whether or not it would be organized or if the bands would be on time. What were the crowds going to be like? Basically, I did not know if I would have a good time, or if I wasted money getting there. Knowing what I know now, if I ever get the chance to go to Osheaga again..... I WILL (!) Hard Yes.
Day One (1) : Alex Cameron / Sylvan Esso / Rex Orange County / St. Vincent / Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Now, before you judge I know we only saw five acts. In truth, I can't really remember the first day. Me and my friend had just gotten off the overnight bus from New York and were EXHAUSTED. When we finally made it to the festival my body just felt heavy and in the way. But, when we got off the train, left the station and started walking through the nicely directed signs to the festival... I knew we had finally made it. Stepping on that island, the energy shifted, we were ready.
→ Rainbow Kitten Surprise ← The stand out band of the day, my friend is a huge fan of this band.  Initially, I was skeptical of this band (honestly, because of their name)  but I was pleasantly surprised.  If you haven't check them out. 
Day Two (2) : LP / LANY / Future Islands / Tyler, The Creator / Khalid
One of the primary reasons for me buying tickets to Osheaga, was to see FUTURE ISLANDS. I've seen them once before in New York, and it was life changing. Future Islands, as a band, means so much to them. Their music puts together the feelings and emotions I would never be able to articulate myself. Seeing them live will always be a tender moment for me. Future Islands aside, day two was the day I met some lovely locals and frolicked around the festival. Explored the different photo opportunities, ate the delicious (and slightly overpriced) festival food, rode the Ferris wheel and waited in line for the potty. Then, after the headliner, we when back to our Bed & Breakfast rested up and went out. Going out in Montreal is an experience, and that's coming from a self proclaimed New Yorker.
Day Three (3) : Noname / Dua Lipa / Franz Ferdinand / The National / Børns / Blood Orange / Florence + The Machine
Naturally, Osheaga saved the best for last. One the third and final day of the festival I got to see some famous Ohioans (The National, for those who don't know where their from) my mans Børns and of course my baby Florence. I could talk about day three for hours, but I will say it was the hottest day and the longest. We were there from the the opener to the closer, and it was worth it. I have waited YEARS, and this not an exaggeration to see Florence + The Machine live. It was one of the best experiences of my life, easy top 10. The energy and emotion she brings to her music is just magnified in her performance. Seeing Florence + The Machine live was a spiritual experience, I felt like I was infinite, like the moment she had created would last forever. And, in my mind it will.
2018-08-05 20_53_44.166
Osheaga was easily the best and most memorable experience I've had in a long time. Everything just felt right, and at ease. For the people reading this who are Tyler, The Creator fans my time at Osheaga was my November.

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