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A Conversation with, Dark Mountain Pop Artist Misty Mtn

Review: ‘Guess Who’s Back’ – Misty Mtn

Flashback to the first Sofar Sounds show I worked, Misty Mtn started off the night, and preformed 'Guess Who's Back' as their first song.  I remember during the set up they preformed 'Guess Who's Back' as a warm up and the entire room stopped.  We were all so transfixed on what was happening at the front of the room.   That moment, I knew they were going to be amazing.  I thought to myself, I have to find out who they are.
The Brooklyn based duo, Morissa Trunzo and Lucas Segall are self described as "dark mountain pop" and that is perfectly executed in their latest single.  'Guess Who's Back' starts off with comforting chill guitar melodies and quickly escalates into an anthem that is worth repeating.  Trunzo's soft vocals draw you into the mystical darkness of the story transcribed in the lyrics.
The chorus of the song, "guess who's back, back again, missed your call," instantly brought me back to a previous situation.  I think this song did that for a lot of people in that room.  It's not often you come across artists who are able to execute a feeling so well.  Making a song you've heard for the first a personal experience.  Misty Mtn does this so well, and not just in 'Guess Who's Back' but in their other single, 'Greener'.
Listen to their other single, 'Greener'.

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