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Derry Girls and The Year of the Female Wanker

When Derry Girls first appeared on my Netflix account as something I should watch, I was a bit skeptical. I try to stay away from shows about high school, their typically trash and have some unrealistic romance trope that is at this point simply played out. However, Derry Girls is utter magic, the sitcom follows a group of goofy girls and the outlandish situations they find themselves in. 
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Derry Girls is utterly hilarious, full of dark dry humor and utter the lunacy of what it's like being a teenage girl. People are going crazy over Derry Girls and are already demanding a second season. The sitcom follows a group of awkward clumsy girls and their quite and often ignored male friend. Each of the characters are a lovable mess on their own but, a hot mess together. They continually find themselves in stupid situations that you can't help but laugh at. In the first episode, the group finds themselves in detention and within the course of 15 minutes it seems like hell broke loose. The head Sister at their all girls Catholic school finds them in a "sticky situation," without giving too much away I'll say someone dies (but it's okay, they were almost 97 years of age.)     
Set in Northern Ireland in the troubles period in the 1990s, a civil war between Irish Nationalist and British Loyalist. A growing inconvenience it seems to the people living in Derry. 

Derry Girls follows,  Erin Quinn (played by Saoirse-Monica Jackson), the opinionated and overly expressive leader. 
Claire Devlin (played by Nicola Coughlan), the anxious goody two shoes who is quick to sell out her friends in the face of trouble. 
Michelle Mallon (played by Jamie Lee O'Donnell), the firecracker who is almost always at the central cause of the groups misfortune. 
Orla McCool (played by Louisa Harland), Erin's cousin who a women of few words is arguably the funniest one of the group with her background one-liners that had me at times having to rewind to make sure I heard that right. 
And, then that leaves James Maguire(played by Dylan Llewellyn), Michelle's cousin who moves to Derry from London and goes to the all girls school with the group for fear of being beat up at the boys school. 
The Derry Girls aren't your typical girl group, their a crass group of dickheads who you can't help but love. They constantly find themselves in messy un-throughout situations, and go as far to claim the say the weeping statue of Mary to get out of taking an exam. Which ends with their picture in the paper and an iconic group shot.

Derry Girls, written and created by the literary genius Lisa McGee the is comprised of six episodes in the first season, that feel like vignettes in the larger story of life in Derry in the 1990s. 
Derry Girls is iconic and budding cult classic, full of humor, goodhearted failures and stories of loyalty in friends. It's worth the watch, find it on Netflix or the BBC'S channel 4.